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"I have been working with Jill as a patient for over 7 years.  I can confidently say her level of professionalism, compassion, empathy, clinical education, and experience make her an INCREDIBLE counselor/therapist/life coach.  I would not be living the life I am today without her! I would highly recommend!  If you're looking for a therapist that will support you through all life may throw at you in a professional, direct and compassionate way, Jill is the therapist for you!" 

-Rosie G.

"I met Jill as a group facilitator at a treatment center and she was amazing in a group setting and when I found out she did private therapy post inpatient treatment, I thought it would be good to try.  She has helped me navigate my recovery, being an adult, and assisting me in my progress for a few months now and she's nothing short of amazing.  I get so much out of my private therapy sessions with her and she's someone I feel like I can relate to."

-Amanda A.

"So helpful meeting with Jill every other Wednesday!  It's what I look forward to every week I meet with her.  She's so gifted at getting me grounded and makes me feel comfortable enough to open up about things over the years I've worked with her!  I cannot see anyone else for therapy since going to Jill.  Thank you so much for everything you do!

-Krysta T.


“Our clients are constantly excited to attend Jill's group therapy sessions!  Her ability to connect with clients and facilitate any type of group is AMAZING!  In all my years in the field, Jill is easily one of the BEST group facilitators and therapists I have ever worked with.  I would highly recommend adding her to your team!

-Naz Andekian, COO

1st Step Behavioral Health


"Jill is an amazing group facilitator.  She has added so much value to our program at Agape Treatment Center!  The clients we serve consistently share positive feedback about their group experience with Jill.  She has a unique ability in building rapport, creating connection and delivering information in a way that client's can understand.  Clients share that they feel safe in Jill's groups and appreciate her great energy and the fun and laughter she brings to the space."

-Stephanie Catalano Robilio LCSW and Clinical Director of Agape Treatment Center 

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